Sunday, October 25, 2009

Yule A Go-Go

When I first saw Yule A Go-Go, my first thought was, after giggling for a moment and thinking all holiday parties should have this (okay, maybe not the party thrown by your great aunt Odessa), "somebody's going to hell!" Because, that's what you say when you run across fun stuff that some folks might consider questionable. And, burlesque dancing in celebration of a religious holiday is well, one of those things that could be considered questionable.

What exactly is Yule A Go-Go you ask? Well, it's a DVD (plus 12 song CD) of 13 chicks doing burlesque (PG-13 rated pasties & g-string sort of stuff) to newly recorded versions of holiday classics in front of the Yule Log. I don't know if this is something other parts of the country air, but, if you're in NY, Channel 11 has a tradition. They air an image of a crackling fireplace while playing holiday music for several hours. Well, Yule A Go-Go is the grown folks version of that.

The DVD comes with a bevy of features including continuous party loop (after several glasses of your drunken uncle's special eggnog nobody will be able to control the replay button on the remote so you gotta let it loop) and the fireplace only option ... that option is for when great aunt Odessa drops by your party with her fruitcake, unannounced!

Check out the video tease below. Then, pick up a copy and have some fun!