Saturday, May 29, 2010

Photo Review: Abe Marder At Bowery Poetry Club, 5/28 + Video

Abe Marder: May 28 @ Bowery Poetry Club
, New York, NY

Moo, moo.

I paid a visit to the Bowery Poetry Club last night to check out a band I like. Kicking things off, however, was Abe Marder. He did his thing solo. Are you wondering why I mooed? Marder sang a song about a cow, childhood animal issues apparently. Now, any grown man who can sing moo, moo during a song is alright by me.

He also has this thing he's been doing called Abe Marder's Song Of The Day. Send him a word and he'll improvise a song. I suggest, Quirky. At any rate, he did some of those song of the day songs during his set. I happened to catch one on video. It's called "Panacea" ... a word he got from his Mom. Check it out below as well as some photos from his set.