Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Photo Review: Jihae At Rockwood Music Hall, 5/25

Jihae: May 25 @ Rockwood Music Hall, New York, NY

Jihae gave a live preview performance of her upcoming record, Fire Burning Rain, Tuesday night at Rockwood Music Hall. She's hypnotic. She's poetic. She gives off this cool, yet aloof vibe. The venue was intimate; the perfect place to see such an artist. This is the music you and your friends put on when you're rolling in late Saturday night, early Sunday morning and too wired to sleep. You put it on, uncork some wine, pass around the carton of overpriced, leftover Chinese food from earlier that evening that you just had to have for fear of instant starvation, sprawl out and talk till the sun starts rising. Check out some photos from her set.