Monday, May 24, 2010

Photo Review: Shwa Losben At Mercury Lounge 5/20 + Video

Shwa Losben and The Good Times: May
20 @ Mercury Lounge, New York, NY

Shwa Losben has a new album, Good Times, Good Times, that came out earlier this month. What does one do when one releases a new record? You have a party to celebrate. That's just what they did. Now, I confess, I'd never heard of Shwa Losben before I walked into Mercury Lounge Thursday night. Now that I've witnessed the band, I have two songs stuck in my head, "Sandy Don't Worry" and the highly infectious "Penultimate Dance." The former song, has been on repeat and the latter song, there's something about it that reminds me of "White Wedding" ... yeah, what? Don't look at me all funny like that, y'all know I'm prone to questionable comparisons. At any rate it has a killer disco beat and it's sure to inspire way more off beat dancing than necessary. Being a guitar fan, I'm diggin' the guitar player, y'all cool with that? Check out some photos from their set and a video of "Everything Fell Into Place."

Set List
  • Trainwreck
  • Total Nightmare
  • Treat The Disease
  • Annie In Luck
  • Everything Fell Into Place
  • So Cry
  • Sandy Don't Worry
  • Never Too Soon To Compromise
  • Penultimate Dance
  • Brooklyn Girls