Monday, May 24, 2010

Photo Review: Val Emmich At Mercury Lounge 5/20 + Video

Val Emmich: May 20 @ Mercury Lounge, New York, NY

Last Thursday, I went down to Mercury Lounge to see a band I like who happened to be the last act playing that night. But, since I like live music, I decided to get there early to check out the other bands playing.

Val Emmich was set to start shortly after I arrived. My first thought was "who?" and my second thought was, "that's a lot of lights they've got set up." Well, out walks Emmich and I thought, "isn't that the guy from Ugly Betty; you mean he's a real musician?" The answer was yes to both of my internal queries. Anyway, he was charming and his fans were loud. It was possibly the most well lit show I've ever encountered in a club and I'm slightly surprised nobody had a seizure or went blind but, it made for fun photos of Emmich in a variety of hues. Check out some photos from his set as well as video of "Snowy Day."