Friday, July 2, 2010

At The Living Room With Adam Taylor

Adam Taylor: June 30 @ The Living Room, New York, NY

One of my favorite musicians, Adam Taylor, rolled through town to put on a show at The Living Room this past Wednesday. With him, his songstress partner-in-crime Kate Young, drummer Jason Hoffheins and bassist Mike Giblin.

I realized something about Taylor's shows. Or, more accurately, I realized something about myself during his shows. I always smile a lot watching him perform. His music makes me feel good.

About three weeks ago, I had the pleasure of seeing a full band show for the first time. I couldn't wait to see another one. Taylor and Young always give it their all when doing acoustic shows but, they seem more carefree with Giblin and Hoffheins on stage with them. It's like an added spark to their already burning fire.

They played a song that I haven't heard for a little while, "Painting Leprosy." It was that song (along with the vast amount of talent displayed by he and Young) that cemented me as a fan back in December 2008. They were opening for Bob Schneider. I had no idea who they were but I captured an extremely dark and grainy video of the song that night and have been following Taylor's career since.

I've watched Taylor grow. That first time I saw him, he and Young were huddled together on a small parcel of stage singing their hearts out. Now, Taylor really starting to own the stage. He's coming into his own and it's been a pleasure to watch. He's a bight shining star waiting for the world to take notice.

I know I've said it before, but I highly recommend you catch a show. You'll be blown away.

Check out videos for "New York" and my new favorite, "Coffee and Cigarettes" below. Video of "Jazzonia" can be found HERE and "Oliver," HERE.

More photos on the QNYC Flickr page HERE.

"New York"

"Coffee and Cigarettes"

Set List
  • Yes/No
  • Jazzonia
  • 12:51
  • Story of the Sea-Green Sky, Pt. II
  • New York
  • Coffee and Cigarettes
  • Oliver
  • No Diggity/Come Together
  • Painting Leprosy
  • Elvis
  • Lucy
  • Cat's Cradle