Sunday, July 25, 2010

Photo Review: Digital Photo Academy Workshop, 7/24

Digital Photo Academy Workshop: July 24 @ Union Square Farmers Market

This weekend, I spent three hours participating in a photo workshop. The workshop was put together by Digital Photo Academy. Our instructor for the day was famed photographer, David Brommer.

We started out the morning at DPA Headquarters where head honcho Richard Rabinowitz welcomed us. After we were all settled in, and were treated to some delicious mini carrot cupcakes, Brommer set about going over our lesson plan. I looked around and it was clear and comforting to see that there were photographers of varying skill levels, camera makes and camera models in attendance; one thing that was certain, everyone had an obvious love of photography.

Our mission for the day, sense of place. Brommer set about going over what made a photo simply nice or WOW! We were instructed on how to approach people and on the ideal camera settings for our day in the field. Also, we were offered the opportunity to borrow a Lensbaby lens for our excursion. I've been wanting to try one out for a little while now so, I was excited to have the opportunity to borrow one.

Once the "classroom" work was out of the way, we walked over to Union Square to begin our in-field lesson. It was incredibly hot outside but that didn't seem to bother anyone. Brommer, a knowledgeable and easy going teacher, pointed out and at times arranged opportunities for us all the while answering any questions we had as well as, taking the time to point out what you were doing right or not so right. You can see some of my efforts below.

It was a fun workshop. While I may not have taken any award winning photos, I walked away with valuable knowledge to use whenever I pick up my camera as well as meeting a great group of fellow photography enthusiasts. I look forward to taking another workshop in the future.

More photos HERE.

That's our instructor David Brommer, showing us the benefits of using a reflector.

This is my favorite shot of the day. Her smiles were contagious.

My attempt at usings the Lensbaby lens. They're fun to use. But, I soon discovered it takes some practice to get the hang of. With my lack of coordination I'll need a lot of practice! I did manage to get the below shot using the lens.

The following two photos, this is what happens when you don't quite have the hang of using a Lensbaby! They may not have turned out how I wanted them but, I still like the shots. In one of my attempts at being creative, I decided to lay on the ground and take these. Not such a good idea when the tempature is nearing 100F!