Saturday, July 3, 2010

Photo Review: TAB The Band At Mercury Lounge

TAB The Band: June 30 @ Mercury Lounge
, New York, NY

Sometimes I just drop by music venues to check out what's going on. The worst that can happen, you don't like any of the bands. That happens sometimes and you chalk it up to an "oh well, I got multiple bands and a few hours worth of music for under $15." The best that can happen, you come across something you like and that band alone earns your "hands down worth the cover charge" award of the night.

Last night, was one of those nights where I came across something I liked, TAB The Band. I'd heard the name but hadn't actually heard any of their music, at least not that I recall. I didn't know anything about them walking in. A lady next to me asked if I'd heard them, "no" and informed me that two of the guys were Joe Perry's sons. I knew he had musician sons but hadn't connected them being in the band about ready to play. I shoved that information to the back of my mind to avoid any unnecessary comparisons creeping into my head. The band, Tony Perry (guitar), Adrian Perry (vocals/bass), Ben Tileston (drums) and Lou Jannetty (guitar) hit the stage. They took the audience on a ride of all up in your face rock 'n' roll that was straight ahead and sometimes bluesy. At points there were even hints of country rock in there. Perry (Adrian) is a personable frontman who at times was outright electrifying. Oh, and bonus points to everyone onstage for engaging in stage banter. I liked that. I see too many bands who barely say anything onstage. TAB The Band are a tight, fun band. They can add another fan to their list.

More photos on the QNYC Flickr page, HERE.