Friday, July 9, 2010

Photo Review: Honor By August At Mercury Lounge

Honor By August: July 8 @ Mercury Lou
nge, New York, NY

The last time I saw Honor By August was January 2009 at Mercury Lounge. Thursday night, they were back rockin' the same stage. Back then, I described them as arena rock on a small stage. It's a description that hasn't changed.

The band, Michael Pearsall (vocals/guitar), Evan Field (lead guitar/vocals/piano), Chris Rafetto (bass/vocals) and Brian Shanley (drums) put on a show like they were playing for 10,000 people and their fans appreciated every moment of it. They worked up a sweat pumping out the kind of anthems you'd get at perhaps a Bon Jovi show. I wasn't sure the Mercury Lounge stage would be able to contain their massive sound. They were a tight unit when I saw them last but they're even tighter and more polished now. Enjoy these guys at intimate venues while you can. With the kind of show Honor By August puts on, it'll soon be a rare treat to see them in a club.

More photos on the QNYC Flickr page, HERE.