Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Photo Gallery: Alex Mallett At Parkside Lounge

Alex Mallett: October 12 @ Parkside Lounge, New York, NY

One man, one banjo ...

After a fun set by Gaz Ellis at Parkside Lounge last night, Alex Mallett took the stage. I was completely unfamiliar with Mallett but was curious. Anyone with a banjo in New York makes me curious. But, fellow native Midwesterner Mallett, cured my curiosity.

Mallett launched into a set of moderately jazzy, country with robust vocals full of charm and laced with a sense of humor. It was an intimate yet lively show. Mallett announced he had learned a new song and went on to play a cover of the Beatles "Help." Okay, so maybe he only kind of learned it but, that didn't matter. It turned into a sing-a-long with the audience cheerfully helping him along. He ended his set with "Baby's Too Busy" giving the audience another chance to sing-a-along with its church revival stomp and clap chorus.

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