Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hot Seconds Releases Long Awaited Video

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Hot Seconds unleashes their five minute mini-movie. Gangsters, coppers, brothel's, gambling and trippiness ... oh my!

Sometime last year, I want to say the early part of last year, I heard these words, 'we're going to make another video' or something along those lines. Cool I thought. I like Hot Seconds and was curious to see what they would put together. The words trench coats and fedoras passed through my ears ... so did green screen and bowling ally. June of that year came around, director Marcel Simoneau showed me some bits and pieces of the video on his cell phone. Interesting, I thought. Jump ahead to earlier this year and I hear the words, 'we're almost finished with the video' or something along those lines. There were chuckles about the mustache that's now apparently infamous and has a name, though not credited for its work on guitarist Eran Westwood's upper lip. And then I heard the words it's finished!

Witness for yourself the trench coats, the fedora's, the brothel and some trippy green screen action ... a reaction to some bad moonshine is my nearest guess. Check out "Pieces of You" below. Watch, enjoy, ponder and watch again.

Directed & Edited by Marcel Simoneau

Featuring Hot Seconds:
James Love
Eran Westwood
Ian Hudgins
Marcel Simoneau

Also featuring:
May Oishi-Simoneau
Alexis Neophitydes
Catilin Pexa
Marc Bonan
Joe Lazenby
Simon Fernandez
Harold Simoneau
Andrew Gauthier
Kweighbaye Kotee
Owen Rapaport
Bob Troia

Kathryn Bringle
Courtney Cook
Beth Edwards
Hsiao-jou Tang
Lindsay Fisher
Sarah Bumgarner
Kathryn Logan