Thursday, October 28, 2010

Abbe May Releases Video For New Single "Mammalian Locomotion"

Australian singer-songwriter Abbe May released the first single from her upcoming album this week. The song, "Mammalian Locomotion" has a fuzzy undertone. It's one of those songs that sounds vaguely familiar yet totally fresh. May's vocals remind you, or at least me, just how sexy rock 'n' roll is. I'm curious to hear the upcoming record which is scheduled for release in May 2011. In the meantime, check out the video for "Mammalian Locomotion" below.
After months in the studio with a new band, Abbe May has emerged with a whole lot of material sporting an even darker rock sound. The first single from her forthcoming album, MAMMALIAN LOCOMOTION begins to chart new musical territory for Abbe through an emotive exploration of human desire at its most fundamental level.

The MAMMALIAN LOCOMOTION film clip is a reflection of the contradictory elements of fierceness and subtle femininity found in the song. Shot in Brooklyn, New York with UK Director Zena Loxton, the clip features the ever under-stated and brooding Abbe and three snake-hipped roller dancing women from Brooklyn with moves that only women from roller-derby groups such as ‘Sisters In Motion’ could possess!