Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Million Years At The Bowery Poetry Club

A Million Years: January 6 @ Bowery Poe
try Club, New York, NY

A few nights ago, I headed down to the LES to catch a burlesque show at Bowery Poetry Club. Great fun was had by all. As I was putting on my coat, a guy was moving the chairs off to the side. I ask who would be playing. He couldn't remember the bands name. Just as he said that, I looked up and saw familiar faces! I said, "A Million Years!" perhaps a little on the giddy side cause he looked at me oddly. He replied while continuing to look at me oddly, "yeah, that's it." So, I decided to stay.

I had no idea the band was playing but it was a nice surprise. The show was a going away party for a young lady named Tara. I don't know you Tara, but best wishes!

I became familiar with the Brooklyn based A Million Years several months ago. It was a month or two after the release of their album Mischief Maker was released. If you haven't already, check it out. "Suspicious," from the release, is addictive and my favorite track. (Update: check out video of the track from the show below.)

Anyway, though I had met the band before, due to conflicting schedules for a couple and being horribly ill for another, this was the first chance I had to see a show since getting into their music. A Million Years put on an effortless set. They’re a tight band who played with well practiced ease. I can easily see these guys headlining arena stages. There’s just something about ‘em.

If they happen to be playing near you, check them out. If you’re in New York, you’ll get your chance on February 11. They’ll be at Mercury Lounge and it’ll cost you $10. See you there?

(More photos HERE)