Sunday, January 9, 2011

Prophecy Brings Smiles

At the end of December, I was on my way to a show. At some point during my subway ride, a group of young people got on. Three young men stood in the center of the car and a young lady stood off to the side by one of the doors. It was obvious that the young men were going to perform. I assumed the young lady was moral support.

One of the young men introduced them and they began singing "Ain't No Sunshine." They sounded really good. Then, the young lady, the one I thought was moral support, belted out her part. HELLO! I suddenly found myself glad I got on that train car. They're a talented group. They caught my ear so much that I'm telling you about them. Anyway, they were all polite, thanking the passengers and gave out their web address. I asked one of the young men if they had a card (I'm old and senile; I knew I'd forget if I didn't have a reminder) and he pulled out a business card and they went about their evening. As I was getting off the train, another passenger exclaimed how good they were and having missed their name asked me who they were. Here I am a few weeks later. I see the card sitting on my desk and type in the website. The group is Prophecy and consists of Kenyatta Blakely (Yatta), William Ferdinand (Will), Joseph Barret (Joey) and Titeanna Wright (Titea). Check out a video from their website below.

I have to mention that I'm not normally a fan of people performing on the train. I'm cool with people performing on the platform, but the trains, not so much. I don't like dodging tumbling hip-hop dancers, pole swinging, the guy with the keyboards or the mariachi guys. So, I thought to myself when I saw them, why did I have to get on this car? By the end of their song, I was not only pleasantly surprised but rather happy I got on that car.