Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Upcoming: Madison To Release We've Been Nothing EP on 2/5

Madison has a new EP coming out on February 5 via her own G Records.  We've Been Nothing is insanely catchy pop that dares you to try and stay seated.  It's a dare you'll lose!  I got hooked on her work with her 2011 release The Noise Some People Make, a stellar piece of work but, personally, I think We've Been Nothing has a tighter, smoother sound musically and the vocals are warmer and more soulful.

As you listen to her new EP, Madison's evolving sound is apparent. The infectious melodies are still there, but the guitars, backing vocals and overall soulfulness on the track take things to a new territory. Throughout We've Been Nothing, Madison gets a little darker too, and employs some good friends of hers such as Chappo's Zac Colwell on drums, Caught a Ghost's Jesse Nolan adding horns and small arrangement details, and The Heavy's glorious soulful backing singers Mavis and Kiki. The forthcoming EP is the second in a four part EP series.  "Since it's all on my own label and all up to me, calling on talented friends who are down to jam is how things get done," she told NYLON

The new sound on the EP is thrilling and multi-faceted, working as the backdrop for a late sexy night, a long drive with the windows down, or an underground party. It combines elements of the 1920's in "Speakeasy," big band drums in "Ship Off  Shore," but also bridges to a beat-heavy, confident club banger 'Nobody Like Me'.  The new material is hook laden as usual for Madison with each chorus standing out as a complete sing along, yet the production, arrangement and live instrumentation allows it to be a little bit slinkier, grittier, raw, and exactly as she intended it to be: an exciting new experience for her and her listeners.


  • Sweet Life
  • Nobody Like Me
  • Ship Off Shore
  • Speakeasy