Thursday, January 24, 2013

Video of the Day: Beth Hart - "Bang Bang Boom Boom"

Today we have for you the video for "Bang Bang Boom Boom" from Beth Hart, who is a fave of mine. The song is the title track from her recent album which was released in Europe back in October.  A US release is scheduled for sometime this year ... or, as an import, HERE.

Bang Bang Boom Boom is the album where Beth is finally able to admit she might actually be happy. “Often on old records, I wrote about pain and fear,” she says. “I didn’t write so much about love. I always felt like I didn’t understand it or wasn’t worthy. This is the first album where I have, and it’s such a beautiful feeling. I feel like I’ve gotten to fit into a new pair of shoes, y’know, and I can walk a different walk. Every album is special to me. But with this one, there’s a real specialness about it, because I’m at a different age and in a new head-space.”