Thursday, December 5, 2013

If I Dropped By... with Nytyly

Today, we hypothetically drop by the home of audio visual performing artist Nytyly (pronounced nightly).  I was recently turned onto her music and liked what I heard.  So, with an upcoming FREE show at The Delancey on Wednesday, December 11 (doors at 11:45PM / show at Midnight), it seemed like a perfect time to 'drop by' for a visit with Nytyly

Quirky NY Chick (QNYC): ... and brought a friend who didn't know your music, what song of yours would you play for them and why?

Nytyly: Thank you for hypothetically coming over (: I appreciate it. Love me some music loving house guests! 

Currently "Legs ' r '$hakin"  - a good place to start. It's got electronics which is very 2013, this way I appear hip to the groove. You know, despite the washy reverb doubled up vocal thing.

My friend Nate Terepka from the band Zula says "reverb is auto-tune for hipsters".  

Absolutely true, lol. 

Only my self accepting hipster aspect really shines forth in this track. The tuning of the guitar is bit-off, but that makes it sort of special. Like a misshapen shadow that looks beautiful for some reason. And I also appreciate the occurrence of a 1980's electronic breakdown section which reminds me of a Barbie Workout video I used to exercise to as an awkward duckling (Jennifer Love Hewitt was the dance instructor). 

The track means a lot to me. I wrote and produced it.  It has an unconventional structure and a very strangely enticing logic to it.  Maybe because of the odd tuning and the strict adherence to sparse instrument ion. It is just guitar, drum and vocal + one sample.

Limitation necessitates ingenuity and creativity. 

This song marks this big break through where I realized that songs are meant to be simple. The complexity comes from simplifying and simplifying.  That mindset carried over into my LIFE. It changed my being entirely. That and regular prayer, lol. (: 

At any rate, it is a spiritually energizing and unique pop tune. 

Thank you for metaphorically visiting me lol, come again soon! 

(QNYC): ... what song or album would you feel I needed to hear before I left?

Nytyly: Broadcast - The Future Crayon. Everyone needs to at least once a month, if not week, if not day. 

(QNYC): ... would you proudly display the cheesy music in your collection or pretend someone left it by mistake?

Nytyly: There is no shame in loving any music. 

Especially not ABBA (: 

(QNYC): … unrepentant booty shaker, wall flower or DJ?

Nytyly: Believe me when I say, all. At different intervals. 

(QNYC): ... truth or dare?

Nytyly: I tell the truth all the time as a force of habit so I guess dare to mix things up a bit. 

(QNYC): ... what's one thing you must have in your refrigerator at all times?

Nytyly: Cilantro for some reason... 

(+ Raw Organic Honey) 

(QNYC): Thank you for having me over! 

See below for full details on Nytyly's upcoming show at The Delancey and stream "Legs Are Shakin".

Wednesday, December 11
168 Delancey Street
New York, NY
Doors: 11:45 / Show: Midnight