Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pravada - “Someone Else”

Pravada released a video for their song, “Someone Else”.  The track is from their album, Dirty Looks, which was released this past November.  Check out the clip below.

“Someone Else,” evokes elements of The Cars and The Faint. The piece masterfully interweaves staccato guitar licks with a danceable beat, brought to life by Lee's deliciously sweet, yet distorted vocals. A spiral of guitars, drum and bass provide the song with an over-the-edge punch as Lee’s voice accumulates a raw indie rock power and emotion. The video proves to be a real page turner with mystery and suspicion around every corner. A case of a cop gone bad, using criminals for his own gain, “Someone Else,” will instantly draw your attention.
Pravada is the musical creation of Jesse Lee (vocals, guitar), Casey Tennis (drums, keyboards), and Hubert Glover (horns, bass). The trio had spent the earlier half of the 2000s playing in Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s before branching out on their own with Pravada. Unleashing their newest effort, Dirty Looks, just last week, the gorgeous record is filled with 10 electrifying and glorious songs that will stop you dead in your tracks.  The record is a vibrant burst of electric melodies alongside an enthusiastic rhythm section. Jesse Lee's voice switches between smokey and gorgeous and raw and boisterous, creating an intriguing combination.