Friday, December 13, 2013

Nicole Atkins - “Girl You Look Amazing”


Nicole Atkins debuted her new single, “Girl You Look Amazing” this week.  The track is from her upcoming album, Slow Phaser.  The album is scheduled for release on February 4 via her own Oh’ Mercy! imprint.  Slow Phaser is on a short list of upcoming albums I’m looking forward to.  

Nicole had this to say of the song; "This song actually came to me in a dream. It was being played in a big dance club and David Byrne was singing it. I woke up and recorded it into my phone. It took a while to figure out what "girl you look amazing," could mean as I've never been one to be that positive. So I wrote it about a girl who is the last one to shut the party down. Who's life is just an absolute mess. She might look amazing but she misses all the real things that used to make her happy." 
About Slow Phaser: A neon noir tour de force of hi-def late-night pop, Slow Phaser marks Nicole Atkins’ most ingenious and indelibly modern collection to date. Produced by Tore Johannson – with whom she partnered on her now-classic 2007 debut, Neptune City – the album is a milestone for the acclaimed singer/songwriter, her restless creativity fully realized via the addition of some surprising colors to her already diverse paintbox. Songs like the poptastic “Girl You Look Amazing” and the sultry “Red Ropes” positively swirl with day-glo danceability, the bright hues setting Atkins’ distinctive creative voice in a brilliant and undeniable new light. Bittersweet yet life affirming, Slow Phaser is Nicole Atkins at her confident and unpredictable best – spirited, sexy, and determinedly forward thinking.