Monday, January 13, 2014

Francis Harris - “You Can Always Leave”

Francis Harris is scheduled to release his album Minutes of Sleep on February 24 via Scissor and Thread.  He recently released a video for the first single.  The clip was directed by Kenneth James Gibson.  Check out the video below.

2012 marked a pivotal year for the Brooklyn-based producer Francis Harris in which his true potential as a composer, producer and Scissor and Thread label head was revealed. With years of DJing at the world's top clubs and over fifty electronic dance music releases as Adultnapper, Sycophant Slags and lightbluemover to his credit, one might think he had reached the pinnacle of his career, or at least firmly established his niche.  It was then that Harris dropped his Adultnapper alias, stepping to the fore under his given name with his first full length, Leland, an album conceived as a requiem to his father. Francis recently announced the second LP under his real name called Minutes of Sleep, set for a February 24th 2014 on Scissor and Thread. 
The first single "You Can Always Leave" -- featuring trumpet from No Regular Play's Greg Paulus -- was given a gorgeous 8mm video treatment, with the crackling tactile elements of film adding depth to the chilly track. Noisey premiered the Kenneth James Gibson-directed video today, and it can be seen on YouTube here. It's "a haunting, hypnotic electro track from the Brooklyn-based producer that sounds like a cold blast smacking you in the face. The swirling beats of the deeply personal track swallow you up, offering the ideal soundtrack for trudging through the blustery streets."  Previously, Terre Thaemlitz recently provided a hypnotic remix of the track under her DJ Sprinkles name as well. 
On Minutes of Sleep, Francis continues to grapple with the subjects of memory, loss and profound grief that suffused his acclaimed debut Leland. Writing this time in tribute to his mother who sadly passed the following year, he revisits deeply personal territory on with newfound perspective, heightened confidence and a markedly refined approach, yielding a noticeably matured and eloquent statement which transcends sorrowful brooding and rumination. It was through recording Leland that Harris first broke from his decade long preoccupation with solitary electronic music production.

  • Hems
  • Dangerdream
  • Radiofreeze
  • Lean Back
  • You Can Always Leave
  • Me To Drift
  • What She Had
  • Blues News
  • New Rain
  • Minutes of Sleep
  • Dangerdream (How Che Guevara's Death and Bob Dylan's Life Militarized Brigate Rosse remix by Terre Thaemlitz)