Thursday, January 30, 2014

Toy - “It’s Been So Long”

Toy released a video for their track “It’s Been So Long” this week.  The clip was directed by Douglas Hart.  The song is from their second album Join The Dots which was released this past December.  Check it out below.

"The video for TOY's It's Been So Long features calibration charts used for everything from testing focus on microscopes and optical movie projectors to the calibration of cathode rays and the accuracy of the US Army Air Force's bomb and gun sights. The video also includes colour reference charts which instruct technicians as to the true nature of black, white and the three primary colours which combine and overlap within optical devices to create every imaginable colour and shade. Often these charts include strange symbols mapped out in mysterious lines, spirals, and solid shapes, some of which look like they belong on the pages of a New Orleans Voodoo curse, or on an Op Art canvas." - Douglas Hart  
TOY are: Tom Dougall (vocals / guitar), Dominic O'Dair (guitars), Maxim Barron (bass / vocals), Alejandra Diez (synths / modulations) & Charlie Salvidge (drums / vocals).