Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Rich Robinson Set To Release New Album

Guitarist and songwriter Rich Robinson is scheduled to release his upcoming solo album, The Ceaseless Sight on June 3 via The End Records.

Check out the first single, “One Road Hill”, below.  The single will be released on April 8.

“I've always approached writing songs for an album as part of a larger work,” says Robinson. “This album as a whole is one piece and how it fits into my whole body of work is the other. My new record follows the path of my musical journey I've been on for 25 years. I feel a strong connection to where I've been musically, but more importantly where I'm going."

Track List

  • I Know You
  • Down The Road
  • One Road Hill
  • The Giving Key
  • This Unfortunate Show
  • In Comes The Night
  • Inside
  • I Have a Feeling
  • I Remember
  • In You
  • Trial and Faith
  • Obscure The Day