Monday, March 24, 2014

Smoke Fairies To Release Album In May + Video

UK Duo Smoke Fairies (Jessica Davies and Katherine Blamire) will release their album Smoke Fairies on May 6 via Full Time Hobby here in the US (April 14 in Europe). This is their fourth album and the follow up to their 2012 release Blood Speaks.  Check out the video for the track “We’ve Seen Birds” and stream the track “Eclipse Them All” below.

Smoke Fairies’ new album, the eponymously titled Smoke Fairies, shows the band in top form, combining their classic approach whilst exploring new forms of musical expression – but it is an album that they nearly didn’t make. There was a moment after the release of Blood Speaks (2012) when Jessica Davies turned to musical partner Katherine Blamire and told her she was no longer sure whether Smoke Fairies should continue. The suggestion of not playing music together would potentially impact more than just their band - theirs was a friendship forged by music, by a shared ambition that had carried them from their schooldays and on to songwriting and performing together.
“We started considering what would we do if we didn’t do music,” recalls Davies, “and it was just a massive void.” Deciding that giving up on the band was “not an option,” Davies wrote a musical apology to Blamire that would become the opening track of the new album. “I just wanted to say sorry to her, " Davies explains, "sorry I scared you like that.”  

Track List

  • We've Seen Birds
  • Eclipse Them All
  • Shadow Inversions
  • Hope Is Religion
  • Waiting for Something to Begin
  • Your Own Silent Movie
  • Misty Versions
  • Drinks and Dancing
  • Koto
  • Want It Forever
  • The Very Last Time
  • Are You Crazy