Thursday, September 17, 2009

Karin Park Makes US Debut At Pianos

Karin Park: September 16 @ Pianos, New York, NY

I paid a visit to the LES to catch Swedish/Norwegian singer Karin Park make her NY debut. Park's band which consists of herself (vocals/keyboards) and her brother David Park (drums) took the stage at Pianos.

For those unfamiliar with her work, she plays deliciously groovy electro-pop. I myself was just recently introduced to Park's music so I wasn't sure what to expect live. It's always nice to walk into a show not knowing what to expect and walk away afterwards pleased with what you saw. While it was a short set, it was an effective set and an excellent introduction. I'm absolutely hooked on "Ashes" and "Can't Stop Now" which were both done last night and even more fun live.

Park is a striking woman and cuts a fierce pose on stage. She has a strong stage presence and put on a good set. If you're a fan of electro-pop, hers is a show to check out.

New York, you still have a chance to catch Park live. She's supporting Datarock at Highline Ballroom tonight, September 17. So, get there early enough to see her set. This isn't a random support act situation. Park's latest record, Ashes To Gold was produced by Datarock frontman Fredrik Saroea and released on Datarock's YAP Records label.

On a side note, I have to mention that I had a chance to meet Park after her set last night. Though she confessed to being a bit nervous, I can say it didn't show. She is an incredibly nice lady. They didn't have a set list written down and she was kind enough to write it out for me after the show so I could share it with those of you in my happy little blog world. So a big thank you to her for that!

Here are a few photos from the show.
Set List
  • Bedtime For The Children
  • Desire
  • Ashes
  • Can't Stop Now
  • Out Of The Cage