Thursday, September 10, 2009

Video: Juliette Lewis - "Fantasy Bar"

Juliette Lewis released her new record, Terra Incognita on September 1. I'm a fan of Lewis' music endeavors; she rocks from her gut. But, I'm not sure I'm feeling Terra Incognita as much as I thought and hoped I would. While I like it, I don't know that it'll get as much play on my iPod as her last couple of records with The Licks, Four On The Floor and You're Speaking My Language.

If hearing the album just isn't enough for you New York, Lewis is doing a show here on Saturday, September 19 at Irving Plaza. If you're around, head on over and checheck her out. You'll get a from the gut, energetic, hot, sweaty, rock 'n' roll feast.

In the mean time, check out the video for "Fantasy Bar" which at the moment is my favorite song from Terra Incognita.