Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ash Unvails "True Love 1980" Video

For those who haven't heard yet, Ash is releasing a collection of 26 limited edition 7" and digital download singles. These singles will be released every two weeks over the coming year. The first single, "True Love 1980" will be released on October 12 and serves as "A" in their A - Z Series. Check out the video below.

When I first heard of the A - Z Series it seemed a bit odd to me in this day and age when so many artists are reverting to focusing more on albums as a whole then on the we must have (preferably hit) singles mantra. I'm talking play their own music, non lip-syncing, real musicians as opposed to the throw away pop act du jour that insists on wrecking havoc on the development of our youths taste buds. But then I thought about it. I think Ash may have hit on something solid with this. People like to collect things ... it's apparently some inbred instinct that we're born with. So, folks will endeavor to collect all 26 of these songs even if there are a few they may not like because you can't have an incomplete collection. Not to knock stamp collecting, but collecting Ash seems way more fun!

The video ... "True Love 1980"

I don't normally list complete tour schedules nor do I usually mention dates that aren't in NY (or sometimes NJ) but in keeping with the spirit of their A - Z Series, they're going to embark on a two month, 26 date UK tour starting in Aldershot and ending in Zennor. That's a cute, quirky and fun way of choosing tour destinations. Since I like cute and quirky stuff, I'm listing the dates. Hey Ash, how about an A - Z tour of the US?

The dates ...
Oct 19 - Aldershot @ West End Centre
Oct 20 - Bradford @ The Gasworks
Oct 21 - Carlisle @ The Brickyard
Oct 23 - Dundee @ Fat Sam’s
Oct 24 - East Grange @ The Loft
Oct 25 - Falkirk @ Behind The Wall
Oct 27 - Gloucester @ Guildhall
Oct 28 - Hastings @ Crypt
Oct 30 - Ipswich @ Corn Exchange
Oct 31- Jersey @ St. Helier Havana Club
Nov 2 - Kingston @ The Peel
Nov 3 - Loughborough @ University
Nov 4 - Milton Keynes @ Pitz Club
Nov 6 - Newport @ TJ’s
Nov 7- Oldham @ Castle
Nov 8 - Plymouth @ Hippo
Nov 10 - Queens Park @ Corrib Rest
Nov 11 - Rotherham @ The Vault
Nov 12 - Swansea @ Sin City
Nov 14 - Tunbridge Wells @ Forum
Nov 16- Upper Norwood @ Gipsy Hill Tavern
Nov 17 - Ventnor @ Winter Gardens
Nov 19 - Worcester @ Dive Bar
Nov 21 - Exmouth @ Pavilion
Nov 22 - Yeovil @ Orange Box
Nov 23 - Zennor @ Village Hall