Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dawn Landes Kicks Up Her Heels At Mercury Lounge

Dawn Landes and the Hounds: January 22 @ Mercury Lounge, New York, NY

This past Tuesday, indie folk singer-songwriter Dawn Landes released her new album Sweet Heart Rodeo. That my friends calls for a celebration! What better way for a chick to celebrate her new record than to kick up her heels and rock?!

There was hay, albeit a small amount. Apparently, the good folks over at Mercury Lounge don't like hay all over their floor. There were special guests, Josh Ritter. There were hula hoops and birthdays, Landes friend Erin, sorry if I've gotten your name wrong, but Happy Birthday! There were even giant standing chandeliers. And, in the middle of it all was the smiling, quirky, sweet as sugar Dawn Landes.

Landes took the stage and instantly, things became a party. She rocked her way through a rollicking set charming the enthusiastic crowd the whole time. Landes is one of those performers that you can't help but like. She has this sweet charming quality that beckons you to have fun, smile and cheer her on. Add to that the giant wallop of talent to knock your socks off and Landes makes sure you leave happy. Hers is definitely a show you should check out if you like good music and fun.

"I Don't Need No Man"

"Fox On The Run" w/Josh Ritter

All photos © L. R. Adams