Thursday, January 7, 2010

Zlam Dunk Score Big In NYC

Zlam Dunk: January 6 @ Mercury Lounge, New York, NY

I decided to swing 'round to the LES' Mercury Lounge to take in my first show of the new year. What better way to ward off the cold than by rockin' out? I went in blind. What's that you ask? Quirky to English translation ... I went to check out bands I was completely unfamiliar with. That's the great thing about clubs, you can randomly drop in and hear music. Sometimes it's good, sometimes not so much.

Well, I was lucky last night. There were five bands on the bill and I checked out three of them. I was tickled pink that I enjoyed all three. The first band to take the stage was Zlam Dunk. They're from Texas. Some of them wore shorts ... it was 30F though it felt considerably colder. But, they were talented so, I'll forgive their fashion choices.

Anyway, I arrived early because I arrive everywhere one year earlier than all start times. I was loitering and being nerdy by the merchandise area, I mean causally hanging out looking cool, yeah let's go with that. That's where I met Zlam Dunk drummer Daniel Vega and keyboardist Ross Bennett. I also added their 5-song EP, We Are All Dead, to my ever growing music collection while I was socializing.

I was curious to hear what the band sounded like. I'd asked Vega if they were good and he said he thought they were. Yeah, I know, silly question to ask. It's not like he was going to say they sucked!

The band took to the stage to play their first NYC show and put on a fun set that was dripping with energy. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Zlam Dunk as I was, they play punk with moments of 80's dance rock mixed in. It was a good set and I can honestly say I enjoyed it.

If you missed Zlam Dunk last night, you still have a chance to catch them New Yorkers. They're going to be at Pianos on Monday, January 11. Drop by and show the Texas boys some NY love.