Tuesday, April 20, 2010

American Bang ... Straight, No Chaser

American Bang: April 19 @ Mercury Lo
unge, New York, NY

Oh, how I love Southern boys who play loud rock 'n' roll! Last night, Jaren Johnston (vocals/guitar), Ben Brown (guitar), Kelby Ray (bass) and Neil Mason (drums), better known as American Bang, brought their brand of old school stomp and swagger, straight ahead rock to NYC. It was seven months to the day since I'd been introduced to that which is American Bang. Oh we're a match made in heaven or somewhere. I love rock 'n' roll ... they play it, quite well; see how perfect we are for each other. These guys are all kinds of bad ass fun and make my list of bands you need to see live.

Y'all already know that this band won me over with their live performance the last time I saw them play. So, I was all kinds of tingly when I found out they'd be making their way to the Mercury Lounge stage. Well, they killed it ... just tore it up and ripped it to shreds. They roared through a set that included their recently released singles "Whiskey Walk" and "Wild and Young" as well as crowd favorite "Move To The Music." My only complaint about the set ... it wasn't long enough! I could have gone in for a few more songs and judging by the rest of the audience, they agreed. I walked away a happy camper and in case you didn't know, I'm happily and proudly in lust with American Bang.