Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Photo Review: Breedlove At Bowery Ballroom 4/26

Breedlove: April 26 @ Bowery Ballroom, Ne
w York, NY

I confess, until last night, I'd never heard Breedlove before. Oh sure, I'd heard the name but beyond that, I didn't have a clue. I didn't know what he sounded like; I knew nothing, nada, zip. So, after Lady Starlight's DJ set, a set that gave me severe 70's and 80's flashbacks (add to that, some folks were wearing stuff similar to what I wore back in the 80's!), Breedlove and his two very colorful dancing girls took to the stage. I am now, officially, in the know.

I'm still processing Breedlove. He wasn't bad by any means. But, he wasn't my cup of tea. He was however, very witty and rather entertaining. There was a very retro vibe to him; he looks very circa 1970-something. At any rate, my fellow New Yorkers liked him ... a lot! Declarations of love were screamed out. Someone wanted to marry him ... he jokingly accepted saying it didn't matter what the person looked like, he has incredibly low standards.

Check out some photos from Breedlove's set.