Friday, April 2, 2010

Killola, Sweet & Tangy Ear Candy

Killola: March 30 @ The Studio at Webste
r Hall, New York, NY

California rock band Killola took the stage at Webster Hall this past Tuesday. They were greeted by their hardcore, enthusiastically loyal following. For those who haven't had the live Killola experience, they're the human equivalent of Twizzlers and raspberry margarita's ... sweet, swirly and with one hell of a kick.

Frontwoman Lisa Rieffel, a zesty little morsel, rock, rolled and vamped around the stage while belting out song after song. One would imagine she's what you'd get if you combined cheerleader Barbie, rock star Barbie and the Kiss Paul Stanley doll, err, I mean action figure from back in the day, not old gray chest haired Paul ... I mean not the distinguished mature gentleman Paul. What? Did I wander off into questionable comparison territory again?! Y'all know how I get! Sharing the stage with Rieffel, though more sedately, Mike Ball (guitar), Johnny Dunn (bass) and Dan Gordy (drums) holding things down solidly and looking all the world like they were kids in a candy store with a free pass.

They ripped through a set that consisted of several songs from their last album, I Am The Messer, a couple of songs from the debut Louder, Louder and a few new songs ... their new record, Let's Get Associated comes out this month. The audience for the most part sang along through the whole show but it was "Get Around" that had everyone singing along at a deafening volume. They ended the set with a feisty cover of Toni Basil's "Mickey" which inspired one of the young ladies who was standing next to me to jump on stage and dance during the song.

In the end, it all felt like a party. It was a terrifically fun show that I didn't want to end. I recommend going to see Killola when they pass through your neck of the woods. They're like that really hot friend you have benefits with. They come around once in a while, work it hard and leave you all hot and sweaty with a smile on your face looking forward to the next time they visit.

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Set List
  • All Of My Idols Are Dead
  • This Is How The World Ends
  • Get Around
  • Barrel Of Donkeys
  • I Wanna See Your Dick
  • Is This A Love Song?
  • Doctor and Son *
  • Heartrate 160
  • Cracks In The Armor
  • 1,2,3,4 - 5,6,7,8 *
  • Mickey
* New songs (proper titles anyone?!?!)