Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nico Vega, Beautifully Euphoric At The Bowery Ballroom

Nico Vega: April 26 @ Bowery Ballroom,
New York, NY

Monday night, the brilliant rock band Nico Vega, took to the Bowery Ballroom stage. If you've been keeping up with my little corner of the blog world, then you know that I'm mad about this band. All it took was one mind blowing live performance and I was hooked. This is now my third time seeing the band, Aja Volkman (vocals), Rich Koehler (guitar) and Dan Epand (drums). I didn't think it was possible for them to get better than they already were. But, I'll be darned if they didn't do just that, get better!

Epand, who was off to the side of the stage where I couldn't see him, beats an insanely wild, yet amazingly controlled rhythm. That rhythm provides a driving beat for Volkman's primal tribal like dancing that matches her vocal style ... open and expressive, sexy and exotic. The last time I saw the them, Volkman's vocals were low in the mix. This time, she was crystal clear and it was a pleasure to hear her spot on performance. I know what y'all are thinking. Perhaps, I'd have been able to see Epand do his thang if I hadn't firmly planted myself in front of Koehler ... well, behind the people in front of him, symmetrics. What? We all know how I feel about good guitar! The man shimmy's and slides around the stage looking like a rock 'n' roll angel while musically ripping through you one part spiritual, one part sin, all parts good.

This is a band you need to see live. They're beautiful, primal, sexy, raw, seductive, intense and will completely blow your mind. A Nico Vega show isn't simply just a show, it's an experience. It's the kind of experience that reaches deep down within and brings about this incredible feeling of euphoria.

Check out some photos from their set.

More photos HERE.