Monday, April 19, 2010

Kids Of 88 - "Just A Little Bit"

Check out the latest video from Jordan Arts and Sam McCarthy, the duo better known as Kids Of 88. These are the guys behind the hit single "My House." The video is for the song "Just A Little Bit" and was directed by Tim van Dammen. While "My House" didn't get me overly excited, I've had "Just A Little Bit" on repeat several times. Have a look below.

McCarthy rules vocals, programming and "complaining too much". While partner-in-heartbreaking Arts, plays synths, programming and "not complaining enough".

The twosome describe their music as a "whimful combination of dirt spitting kicks and feathering grit. An overdose of nightlife; the lubricated moan of spilt vodka. The hard realization of concrete and the happiness of blurry vision. An alleyway gangbang between Grandmaster Flash and The Knack."

The rest of New Zealand know Kids Of 88 better as architects of the Platinum selling debut single ‘My House’, and follow up single ‘Just A Little Bit’ which is a top 3 seller at iTunes. And the rest of the world? A UK Ltd Ed 7” of ‘My House’ already released through Dryden Street / East City Records, official remixes for Ke$ha &Cobra Starship, and Zane Lowe recently playing new demo ‘Ribbons Of Light’ on his UK Radio 1 Evening Session have certainly paved the way for arresting first impressions.

Having already become intimate with the chart-conquering 'My House', new single 'Just A Little Bit' is currently sinking it's fangs into your brainstem. Fans can also expect an album mid-July.