Monday, February 28, 2011

Good Times With JITG

Jump Into The Gospel: February 26, 2011 @ M
ercury Lounge, New York, NY

Saturday night, a dark club, the LES and rock 'n' roll. Yep, sounds about perfect for a romp with my favorite musical prophets, Jump Into The Gospel.

While the night saw a bit of instrument malfunction, difficulties be damned, they still put on a fun show. There were two things I noticed during the set. Frontman Louis Epstein has become a much more animated performer now then he was when I first saw them around this time last year. The other thing I noticed, drummer Chris Stein seemed to have a heavier sound. At one point, the penultimate song I think (I'm old, senile and was too busy having a drummer brain fuck moment to remember), he went hardcore. I'm not one to complain about my mind being molested by enjoyable music.

To enjoy the goodness that is JITG, head on over to Brooklyn Bowl on March 21, where they'll be supporting The London Souls ... that's who they were on the bill with when I first saw them. It's a guaranteed night of bad ass music. It'll cost you $5 and you'll have no regrets.

More photos HERE.