Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Luke Rathborne At Home In The Living Room

Luke Rathborne: February 18, 2011 @ The L
iving Room, New York, NY

Luke Rathborne recently came onto my radar. He has a double EP I Can Be One / Dog Years scheduled for release on March 8. Having heard some tracks, I really wanted to check him out live.

Rathborne, a wisp of a man who sings with his eyes closed the majority of the time, took the stage at The Living Room kicking things off solo and accompanying himself on the piano. Being a newbie to his work, I don't know the name of the song but it was understated, beautiful, soulful and just simply stunning. A few songs in he was joined by drummer John Eatherly. I'm typically not a fan of the drums but Eatherly was a total wild man back there; he was totally insane. The pair launched into a series of upbeat songs that were reminiscent of jangly Brit pop. Bassist Darren Hayes Will arrived late, towards the end of the set, and kicked the jangly sound up a notch though they tuned it down for the wistful "Dog Years." Rathborne ended the show as he began it, solo at the piano.

I don't know if it had to do with where I was sitting or if it was the sound system, but the music seemed a bit too loud and from my vantage point Rathborne appeared to have to over sing (for lack of a better description) to be heard over the music. He's young. He has the songs and he has the chops. I'm partial to the soulful piano tunes personally. But, there's something special about Rathborne though and I look forward to watching him grow.

More photos HERE.

Songs Played (may not be in order)
  • Suntan
  • When I Need You
  • Don't Wait
  • Last Forgiven
  • You Let Me In
  • Northern Shore
  • Why
  • Wanna Be You
  • Dog Years