Monday, February 14, 2011

Whitesnake Releases New Video

Ah, it smells like love is in the air or perhaps it's the new Whitesnake video! The classic rockin' b
and has unveiled a video for "Love Will Set You Free," the lead single from their upcoming album Forevermore. The video was directed by Devin DeHaven/Fortress Entertainment. While I rather like the song, I could have done without the stripper dangling off the pole. That's so passé, so 80's. But, since I like The Coverdale, I'll forgive it.

Forevermore is scheduled for release March 29 in North America while my European friends can get their happy little hands on it March 25. The digital album is available for pre-order via the today and you'll get an instant download of "Love Will Set You Free" with your order. Pre-orders from other digital outlets will begin on February 21.

Those of you in the US and Canada, check out the video below. International friends, click HERE to check out the video.