Saturday, February 26, 2011

Red Wanting Blue Documented On Film

Ohio rock band, Red Wanting Blue have been around for more than fourteen years. With talent to spare and an amazing drive; they've released eight albums and have built up a loyal fan base. They are quite simply one of those amazing unsigned bands that hasn't let lack of a record deal stop them from doing what they do so well. It has been a long haul and you've got to give mad props to them for not calling it quits. Many bands get tired of chasing the dream after a few years and settle down to a stationary life or they disband and the members move onto other bands.

Director and producer Ken Davenport followed the tenacious band while they made their eighth self-produced album and took to the road. What resulted was These Magnificent Miles: On The Long Road With Red Wanting Blue. Through interviews and never-before-seen concert footage, we get to see the reality of a hard-working indie band. Anyone who has seen the band perform is gifted with a terrific and passionate show. If you've ever had the pleasure to speak with them, even if for just a few moments, you realize instantly that they're down-to-Earth, dedicated and appreciative of their fans. Anyone interested in experiencing the life of a grassroots indie band will surely want to check this documentary out. And if by chance you haven't seen Red Wanting Blue live, do yourself a favor and go see them. You won't regret it.

Check out the trailer below.