Thursday, February 24, 2011

U.S. Royalty: Loud and Deliciously Decadent

U.S. Royalty: February 22, 2011 @ Merc
ury Lounge, New York, NY

Holy hell!

On my way home from Mercury Lounge after DC based U.S. Royalty rocked and rolled, I asked myself what I was going to write about the show. All that came to mind was, holy hell.

There have been a few occasions upon seeing a band perform for the first time that I'm left trying to put thought to word. I get that tingly feeling in my stomach, that shivering chill that goes up your spine. You know, the way classic rock 'n' roll is supposed to make you feel. U.S. Royalty gave me that feeling Tuesday night. I got butterfly stomach. I stood there, okay, I wiggled about oddly trying to take some photos while happily remembering why I love loud guitars and decadent frontmen (think young Mick Jagger or Rod Stewart), why I still plant myself up front at shows and why nearly getting whacked with a wayward mic stand is just part of the adventure.

They kicked things off with "Monte Carlo" a song reminiscent of Rumors era Fleetwood Mac. A part of me halfway expected to see Stevie Nicks come twirling out. While she didn't, they did cover her "Wild Heart" later in the show. Three songs in, they played blues rock stomper "Hollywood Hollows," my favorite song from their delicious, recently released Mirrors record. At that point, I fell in lust; they could have performed the contents of a takeout menu and I might not have complained. They ended the set with the grandiose "Equestrian" leaving the stage to the rather loud applause of the crowd.

I like being entertained and U.S. Royalty entertained me. And, in the end, that's all that matters.

More photos HERE.

Set List
  • Monte Carlo
  • Fool To Love (Like I Do)
  • Hollywood Hollows
  • The Desert Won't Save You
  • Wild Heart
  • Equestrian