Friday, June 10, 2011

Photo Review: A Night With A Band Of Rock 'n' Roll Messiahs

Jump Into The Gospel: June 8 @ Pianos, Ne
w York, NY

This past Wednesday night, New York's own Jump Into The Gospel kicked off the first of their residency shows at LES venue Pianos. If you didn't catch them, fret not. You still have three weeks left! They'll be taking the stage at 10PM on June 15, 22 ($8) and 29 (free).

What happens when you toss five long guys on a stage, with instruments and lighting that altered between "what lighting? and a slightly trippy, seizure inducing bonanza." You get a show full of shake your ass music and a bunch of folks dancing in front of them!

The band dropped their new single "2012" recently and it seems to have garnered a lot love and attention. When they launched into it, the audience reaction, while always favorable, this time out was akin to that of fan favorites "Humvee Mansion" and "Flagship." If you like the recorded version, the live version is that and more ... it goes all extra synth(y) and guitar(y) at the end; it's the equivalent of sex on the dance floor. I vote another hot JITG song, "St. John," be released next because it needs to be on my music player of choice. But hey, that's just me.

Go see them. You'll have fun! And, if you didn't see it already, check out the Q&A they did for us earlier this week. They're funny... and possibly insane which is how we here at QNYC like our musicians!

They played this...
More photos HERE

...while looking like this.
(I just noticed I didn't get any shots of Chris performing ... I hang my head in shame!)