Thursday, June 16, 2011

What You Missed Tuesday Night: Adam Taylor

Adam Taylor: June 14, 2011 @ Mercury Lou
nge, New York, NY

Tuesday night, Adam Taylor and his band took to the Mercury Lounge stage. I've been telling you folks you should go see this guy, he's really good. Well, if you didn't listen to me, you missed out! Had you been there you not only would have heard great music, but you would have also witnessed him onstage with his brother guitarist Chad Taylor (founding member of Live and his new project The Gracious Few) for the first time! While it was their first time on stage together, it's not their first time working together as Chad produced Adam's latest record No Poet as well as his debut record.

The band, rounded out by Kate Young (vocals/percussion), Mike Giblin (bass/vocals) and Jason Hoffheins (drums) kicked things off with "Oliver" and rocked, rolled and charmed the audience. Always an upbeat performer, Taylor seemed to be having even more fun than usual which was contagious for those on stage and off. With big brother adding a bit of slide to the mix, many of the songs took on a more bluesy tone which worked nicely and gave a nice punch to "Painting Leprosy." It has also become clear that "Whiskey" is a crowd sing-a-long favorite with everyone shouting out that one line particularly loud!

While the entire set was terrific and as always, with top notch vocals. I'd have to say the highlight for me was the blistering, blues rock song "New York." If there's a recording of that performance out there, someone should send it my way! Not that I advocate bootlegging...

The set ended with Adam and Kate singing the wonderful "Cat's Cradle," albeit with a bit of giggling. Taylor's a diverse singer/songwriter and once again proved live that he's the read deal. In the span of one show, he and his band covered all bases ... folk, straight ahead pop, tossed in a little jazz flavor, some rockabilly, a pinch of blues, got funky and did it all with a little bit of a punk attitude. It's not something that everybody can pull off and certainly not as well as the Adam Taylor Band.

The show was loads of fun. If you weren't, you really should have been there!

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