Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Q & A: Jump Into The Gospel

New York based band Jump Into The Gospel have been shaking things up left, right and center. Their songs are irresistibly catchy, synth based, pop-rock ear candy. And, their shows are high energy fun. The first time I heard Jump Into The Gospel, I thought to myself, 'hm, this reminds me of when I first heard "Girls On Film" and fell in love with some little band called Duran Duran.' JITG however, are edgier and aren't slathered in make-up.

So, on the eve of their residency a
t Pianos (Wednesday nights in June at 10PM), I thought I'd share a little Q&A with you. I sent over some questions and got back some quirky answers thus adding to the reasons why I'm a little bit in love with them. They fit in well here in my little corner of the Internet.

Quirky NY Chick (QNYC): Lame origin question everyone probably asks ... why the name Jump Into The Gospel? How did it come about?

Jump Into The Gospel (JITG): Simple. A software program called Sought Flare Slow Jam. It takes your old name and plays with the words until it comes up with something marketable without losing the rhythm of your old name. We used to be called Hump The Princess Toadstool.

(QNYC): I've seen and love the "Humvee Mansion" video; it reminds me of old school Merrie Melodies shorts and others from that era. How did that concept come about?

(JITG): Oh that was actually our Uncle's idea. Well, he's not really our "Uncle", but you know how if someone tricks you into following them somewhere when you're a kid, say with Sesame Street tickets, and when you get there you realize there's no Sesame Street, and there's no Cadbury Eggs, and instead you just have to live with your new "relative" since you don't know where you are and his drugs keep you complacent? Well it's sort of a tribute to "that whole thing."

(QNYC): You've introduced dream interpretations to your tumblr page, a first I would imagine. Who came up with that and what's the fascination with people’s dreams?

(JITG): This is kind of embarrassing, but it was Louis' idea (singer). He's got this complex about his dad being the strongest and best dad. Basically if you have a dream where your dad is doing anything heroic, courageous, admirable, etc, he will read your account of it and go to sleep as quickly as possible so his dad can trump your dad before you go spreading it around that your dad is anything to brag about. He thinks his dream will affect yours and your dad will "lose" next time... It's really childish and we understand if this makes you less inclined to write in dreams as it legitimizes the "game", but maybe that's what he needs, we think. (Really unhealthy and competitive, sorry again.)

(QNYC): Tell us three things you think the world should know about you guys.

(JITG): 1) We have a negative net worth and a positive gross outlook.

2) Each of us intend on writing our respective high school science teachers and asking for a $5,000 loan to see if we can't put renting physical movies from a video store back on the table (if none of this band stuff pans out).

3) Hernias won't work on us, so if you need help moving - aaaand iiif weee're nooot tooo buuusyyy, we can totally help. Oh and we won't do pool tables. Also if you have a piano, that's a totally different kind of mover, so don't even ask.

(QNYC): If you were a dessert, what kind would you be, besides hopefully delicious?

(JITG): This could be because we imagine ourselves as Velociraptors, but probably a delicious Stegosaurus (we think it's pretty obvi that those guys are hiding some pretty delicate meat under all that armor. Like turtles. Which we would never eat! Poor things.)... OOOOH! Or nachos cause we've been doing the "dessert first" thing lately since we don't live with our parents anymore, and that or pizza is prolly the best ending to a pecan pie.

(QNYC): Let's turn the tables, if you were asking the questions, what's the one thing you would ask?

(JITG): How long is a piece of string?

(QNYC): Long enough to allow the guy I normally have tied up in the basement to move around the house comfortably tethered to cook, clean and um, stuff...

My thanks to Jump Into The Gospel. If you're in New York, head on over to Pianos and check them out.

Tour Dates

  • June 8 - Pianos, NYC - 10pm w/ Secret Music, Terror In A Western Town, Chains Of Love, Beat Music
  • June 15 - Pianos, NYC - 10pm w/ Living Days
  • June 22 - Pianos, NYC - 10pm w/ The Rassle and Prospector
  • June 29 - Pianos, NYC - 10pm w/ Hussle Club and Fort Lean (Free show sponsored by 3DD)