Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What You May Have Missed: Red Wanting Blue at Mercury Lounge

Red Wanting Blue: June 17 @ Mercury L
ounge, New York, NY

Friday night I once again had the chance to catch Red Wanting Blue. They're a amazingly fun band oozing with talent. I believe I mentioned before, that they really should be on your list of bands to see if you haven't done so already. Anyone who appreciates musicianship will appreciate them and their blend of Americana and classic rock. They also have a real positive vibe about them.

As wonderful as the band is, I would be remiss in not mentioning their fans. While watching Red Wanting Blue would be enjoyable by itself, you wouldn't get the full picture without being surrounded by a venue full of their loyal and very vocal fans. Front-man Scott Terry commented at the beginning of the set that he saw a lot of familiar faces and 'some of y'all are out of your zip codes.' Whether it was the bird flipping "Finger In The Air" or singing along with the contagiously fun "You Are My Las Vegas" the audience was right there with them. They may well be the only band I've ever seen, that's not an "oldies" act, where every song they play seems to be a crowd favorite! That says a lot about them, their talent, their songs and their fans.

At the end of it all the audience wanted more. The gentleman next to me didn't just want more, he wanted a second set. Nobody would have complained ... well maybe the bands that were to take the stage after them!

This is what they played...

This is what it looked like...
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