Friday, June 17, 2011

What You Missed & Can Still See: Jump Into The Gospel At Pianos

Jump Into The Gospel: June 15 @ Pi
anos, New York, NY

Where were you on Wednesday night?! Well, if you weren't at Pianos, you missed Jump Into The Gospel bring their "A" game to the stage. After that performance, I have officially dubbed them rock stars. Everyone looked to be relaxed and having fun and they were musically in the zone ... the best show I've seen them do.

Fret not folks. If you missed that show, you can catch them this coming Wednesday, June 22 at Pianos. They're on at 10PM. Joining them on the line-up that evening will be, The Rassle at 9PM and Brick + Mortar at 11PM. It'll only cost you $8!

Look what you missed this past Wednesday...

This is what they played...
More photos HERE

And, this is what it looked like...