Saturday, June 25, 2011

Upcoming: Jump Into The Gospel's Pianos Residency, Last Call

New York electro dance rock darlings, Jump Into The Gospel, will take the stage at Pianos on Wednesday, June 29 at 10PM. Did I mention it's FREE? You heard me correctly, free ($8 before 9PM). This is the final night of their residency at the LES venue. If you missed the previous three shows, well, you probably weren't having as much fun as those of us who were there did.

Jump Into The Gospel: June 22 @ Pianos, New York, NY

For those of you who missed the show last we

This is what they played...
Have I mentioned how much I'm in lust with "St. John?" Well I am. Seriously, I'm going to keep saying it, I'm in lust with "St. John." Make it digital, slap it on some vinyl, hell, put it on an 8-track just make that joint available boys; that's my song!

...and this is what it looked like
More photos HERE