Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Video of the Day: The Aprons - "Sound Stain"

Israeli dream pop duo The Aprons recently released their debut single and video "Sound Stain".  The pair, Hava (drums, vocals) and Talia (Bass, vocals) are, according to their bio, "urban nymphs that produce magical miniatures and haunting tunes."  I don't know about the urban nymph part or the magical miniatures part but, they did produce a haunting tune which I really like.  The "Sound Stain" video took a crew of 40 animators and a year realize.  Check it out below and after you've done that, grab the single via the handy widget.

The title track showcases the mystery and windy melodies of their debut album "Sound Stains".

About the music video (From director Liran Goldberg):
The concept came from the thought of taking the femininity and gentleness of the female pair and give it a visual interpretation to a world that everything feels organic yet fragile. From this concept I thought to film everything in the forest and wrap it with crystal made animals, where the hunters emphasize the conflict. The making of the video took a year to realize, with a crew of 40 animators that volunteered for the project.