Friday, February 8, 2013

Nico Vega Release New EP and Video

Nico Vega released their new EP Fury Oh Fury earlier this week.  The record gives us what we love about and have come to expect from Nico Vega, tight musicianship, strong vocals and a boatload of passion.  The title track, "Fury Oh Fury" is my "repeat" know the song that you play at least a dozen times in a row because you just can't make yourself let it go.  One of my all time favorites and I know a lot of other peoples as well, "Beast", from their debut full-length is also on the EP.  It's one of those songs that kicks you in the gut and takes your breath away...and if you've seen them perform it live then you've probably been swept up in the tribal beat and fierce energy that comes with it. Check out the video for "Beast" below.  The clip was directed by their very own Dan Epand.