Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jump Back Jake

Jump Back Jake has a new album out, their debut, Brooklyn Hustle/Memphis Muscle. Curious to hear what these guys were about, I gave it a couple of spins. It's a record filled with blue-eyed Southern style soul. At times, Jump Back Jake recalls Gregg Allman's more pop leaning forays, Arc Angels, Cowboy (remember them?) and even a bit of Johnny Rivers. Many of the songs are infused with dripping horns.

This is the song that caught my ear the most.
<a href="">Terrible Mistakes by Jump Back Jake</a>

Other songs that caught my ear were "Pay Out On The Front End," "Easy Answers" and "Don't Wanna Go."

Click on the image to stream the entire album. You can purchase the digital record there as well.
Jump Back Jake Cover