Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Bit Of Craic With The Voxys

The Voxys: March 12 @ Mercury Lounge, New York, NY

About a month ago, I informed all that The Voxys gained a new fan, me! Thursday night, I had the pleasure of seeing them perform again. The band, Julian Colin Sylvester (guitar/vocals), Trevor Murphy (guitar/vocals), William McCormack (bass) and Chad Flewwelling (drums) took the Mercury Lounge stage as part of the 2009 Craic Fest. For those that aren't familiar, The Craic Fest is an annual festival that presents a cultural feast of Irish film and music.

I was really looking forward to seeing The Voxys again. There aren't a lot of bands around that inspire that in me. Those that do, well, you read about them here ... like now. The Voxys are a brilliantly fun band. They have a sound that has them knee deep in the waters of raw garage rock. At the same time, they're reminiscent of 60's Brit pop complete with driving jangly guitars and danceable rhythms. At times, you almost expect to see them wearing matching suits and mop tops. Their live energy inspires and encourages you to bop around.

They kicked off their ten song set with "Bang Out of Order." It set the tone perfectly for the rest of the show. The whole set was great. I'd have to say the highlights of the night for me were the Beatlesque "Sunshine At Midnight" and "Wake Up Penelope." My only complaint is I wish they could have played longer!

They left me with a big smile on my face; a smile that saw me home while bobbing my head to remnants of their set, a set that continued playing in my head long after the band had left the stage. Sure, I garnered some strange looks on the train ride home but, I didn't care. I had a head full of The Voxys and that folks isn't a bad thing to have!

Set List
  • Bang Out Of Order
  • Champagne Charlie
  • Sixth Floor
  • Uncle's Gaff
  • Zee Germans
  • Sunshine At Midnight
  • Dirty Protest
  • Pirates
  • We Die From That
  • Wake Up Penelope
The video ...
The Voxys - Sixth Floor (live)