Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Video: Enter The Haggis - Down With The Ship (live)

Since today is St. Patrick's Day, I thought I'd celebrate. For the musical enjoyment of all, another video of Celtic rock band Enter The Haggis. This is from their set on March 12, at this year's Craic Fest. They're way better than green beer and tremendously more entertaining and talented than the guy who dresses up as a leprechaun and says everything with a fake Irish accent.

Enter The Haggis - Down With The Ship (live)

They also have an album, Gutter Anthems, coming out on March 24.

Track Listing
  • Intro
  • The Litter And The Leaves
  • Cameos
  • DNA
  • Did You Call Me Albatross?
  • Noseworthy And Piercy
  • The Death of Johnny Mooring
  • Suburban Plains
  • Real Life/Alibis
  • Murphy's Ashes
  • Sea of Crutches
  • Bury My Demons
  • The Ghosts of Calico
  • Lights And Cars
  • Broken Line