Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The White White Lights To Release Debut EP

Austin band The White White Lights are releasing their debut EP, Medium Head Boy, on February 27 via Indierect Records with a full-length record available in April. For some reason, the lead song on the EP reminds me of the B-52's if they were a bit harder rockin'. The album should certainly satisfy those of us who have dance rock needs. Vocalist Jenny Gacy leads us through a lyrical whirlwind with more than capable vocals.

The White White Lights have become known for tearing down the house during their intense live shows. The haunting vocals and raw, introspective lyrics of Jenny Gacy collide with Deluxe Peroux's masterful production and intoxicating swirls of guitar build-ups to create half whispered and half screamed walls of sound. The precision and potency provided by the band's core, Daxter McGarnigle on bass and Davy Hamrick on drums, brings a firm foundation to let the sound expand continuously throughout their sets.

Just as they rarely repeat a set list, experimentation and diversity are a foundation of their writing, yielding an uncommonly large catalog from their weekly recording sessions that assemble a mountain of sound from raw beauty and musicianship rather than overdubs.

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